Everything You Need to Know About Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Happy Tuesday! This is the welcome of the first beauty topic to my blog, so exciting!!! Today’s blog post is an informative review of Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. This is my unbiased 2 cents, I am not paid or affiliated with Tarte in any way.

Let me start off by saying, Tarte Shape Tape Foundation comes in two formulas, Hydrating and Matte. For Dry, Oily, Normal and Combo skin.

Shade Range: The Matte Formula has 18 Shades, ranging from Fair Sand to Mahogany. The Hydrating Formula has 18 shades as well, ranging from Porcelain to Mahogany. Here are some swatch photos I found online. THE SWATCH PHOTOS ARE NOT MY PHOTOS.


Swatches By POPSUGAR








Undertones: This is an important one. The undertone of your skin determines which foundation is right for you. Just because a foundation is the right color, doesn’t mean it will match your complexion. There are three basic undertones, Cool (more pink tones), Neutral (mix of pink and yellow tones), and Warm (more yellow tones). The website explains the undertones, but it can be a bit confusing because their legend basically states that all tones look great in gold jewelry when that is not always the case for all undertones. So I’m here to simplify this.

Neutral (neutral), Sand and Golden (warm), Honey (cool)

To find you undertone, look at the veins in your wrist in the SUNLIGHT.

  • Green or Olive Veins mean you have a Warm Undertone
  • Blue or Purple Veins mean you have a Cool Undertone
  • A mix of Green, Blue, and/or Purple Veins mean you have a Neutral Undertone

I do not own this picture, this picture is from

Okay, Now for personal pictures and reviews.

My Choice: I picked the Matte Formula because I have very oily areas on my face that cause normal foundations not to last all day. The shade that matched my skin PERFECTLY was Fair-Neutral because I have Fair skin and a Neutral Undertone.

Price Point: It sells for $39 at Ulta and Tarte Cosmetics. It is a bit pricey, a few dollars cheaper than their competitors, but definitely worth it in my opinion. Not to mention, Tarte and Ulta both hold sales all the time, so you may have to wait if you want to get it for less.

Oil Control: I wore the foundation for 6 hours without any signs of oiliness. VERY IMPRESSIVE. I could’ve tested it longer to see when it truly did start to break down but I got tired and went to sleep(SOML). I did wear primer with this foundation, I recommend doing so with all foundations. I give the Oil Control Aspect 9/10 stars for the 6 hours it was on my face, my other foundations would have broken down by then. I do not recommend this for people with dry skin, I would recommend the Hydrating Formula.

Dry Down/ Oxidation: I didn’t really experience much oxidation with my foundation but I did see a slight difference in the shade once it dried down. It wasn’t really a huge difference, so in that aspect, its a 10/10 stars from me.

Left Side is Fresh Foundation, Right Side is completely dried down.

Blendability: The Matte formula is not as hydrating as the other formula, therefore it is a bit harder to blend out on the face. Once you get the product on the skin you have to start blending it out ASAP because it dries FAST. It can look a bit patchy if you don’t blend it before It begins to dry. Powder is an easy fix for that, BUT I believe it shouldn’t be a problem to begin with. For blendability I give this foundation 6/10 stars.

Coverage: I’m very impressed with the ability to cover, although it is not the MOST coverage I’ve had in a foundation, I’m pleased that you can build it up without the cakey feel. Its lightweight and feels great on the skin, which is something I NEED in a foundation. I absolutely despise when a foundation makes me feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs in makeup. I tested the coverage on my arm tattoo, using two coats of product. Covering black tattoos usually involves some type of color correcting before applying the skin colored foundation. I did not apply color correcting concealer so it didn’t completely cover my tattoo, however I am still impressed with how much it DID cover. For this, I would give Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation 8/10 stars for coverage.

Before: Not the most flattering, but this photo is unedited. As you can see I have some under eye circles and redness on my skin from a too harsh face wash.

Foundation Only: Only Tarte Shape Tape Foundation and primer. Photo is not edited. Redness and Dark circles have disappeared!

After: After applying a full face of makeup. (sorry for the terrible lighting!)



With that being said, this my 2 cents on Tarte’s Shape Tape Foundation (matte formula). Overall I give it a 9/10 stars. Its my new favorite foundation and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new foundation! Please let me know in the comments if I missed anything, or if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!

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