Life is Seriously A Puzzle

If I’ve learned anything in my 23 years, it’s that life is most similar to a puzzle, and that’s one hard pill to swallow. Your relationships, jobs, friends, (and pretty much everything in your life) are all connected to it.

Have you ever had someone come into your life, and no matter what you do, your relationship/friendship just does not seem to be working out? You end up giving your time and effort to that someone that could care less? So, you just give up and let go of the friendship? This happens to me, and a ton of people, actually.

Have you ever applied for a specific job a million times and still get no call back? Ever get into a job and realize it’s not what you thought it would be? Have you lost a job due to unforeseen events or things you can not control?

We all have, and every one of us will continue to go through these things until the day we are no longer breathing. Here’s a little secret I’ve learned within the last few years; Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into your relationships, friendships, careers (etc.), the edges just don’t match up (and may never match) to your part of the puzzle. It’s a sad reality, sure. How sad it is depends on your outlook, and how you let these things affect you. It has taken me all of these years to learn to “Go with the flow” and that I can’t control every aspect in my life. Even though I often try.

The best thing you can do is; stay positive and never give up on finding love, friends and your dreams. Take life with a grain of salt. Most importantly, just remember, where one puzzle piece won’t fit, another will, and it will fit perfectly. 

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