Why my 2019 will be an amazing year. (and yours can be too)

It’s that time of year again; the time we all start thinking of our New Year resolutions. A tradition that helps us ring in the new year. Just like everyone else, I’ve made a ton of resolutions for previous years and dropped them after the first couple of weeks. 2019 will be different, because I’ve already started!

Instead of setting unrealistic goals for myself (like look like a model by June), I’ve set some goals starting from the inside out.

Some of my 2019 Resolutions (that you SHOULD adopt)

Be Selfish. This sounds really wrong, but I mean it in the most positive way. If you know me personally, you know that I’m a “people pleaser”. I can be overly nice, giving, and understanding. I often go WAY out of my way to help people regardless of how they treat me. In 2019 that stops. It’s time for to use that extra energy toward myself and my family. Use your energy towards whatever makes you happy.

Remove Toxicity. You know what this means, time to kick those habits, traits, and people that don’t benefit your life. Goodbye procrastination, eating out multiple times a week, and shitty friendships that suck the life (money, happiness, etc.) out of me. You will not be missed.

Do You Boo. Plain and Simple, do what the hell YOU want to do. If that’s quit your job, move to Cali, and sing on the streets for change, DO IT. (Btw, what I wanted to do and should’ve done in 2015.) If you want to change your degree, change your look, or change your life, get your shit together and do it!

Self Care. Over are the late nights and waking up at 3 pm the next day because watching Gordon Ramsay cuss out people on TV is surprisingly entertaining. It’s not worth the all day hangover feeling. Time to stop skipping meals, skipping hair appointments, and sleeping in late.

Last, but not least. Be an amazing person, wife, and mother. I haven’t posted on my blog much, so if you’re not on my personal pages you probably didn’t see that my husband and I expecting in May of 2019, and my life is about to change completely. So what better of a year to get my goals started than 2019?

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